Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome Friends!

Hi everybody!

I am starting this blog so that we can continue our community no matter what happens.  I guess first I would like to see how many people show up and then we can decide from here if we want to have a group blog or maybe even a forum.

I wanted people to have a place to go for continued support and a sense of community.  I think that these are vital ingredients in progressing towards wellness.  We all need a safe haven where we have the support of our friends.  I hope to create such a place here (or some other venue which we select.)
This is the barest of bones here I know but wanted to set up something quickly and blogger is extremely easy to use and navigate.  Let me know if you are here and if any of you are interested in connecting here.

I am here!

 Give a holler if you are here too.

Merely Me


  1. I'm here MM trying to give you a hollar. Great idea this. Sioux

  2. Great idea MM, I'll check in from time to time to see how this all progresses. I wish you all tremendous luck towards a vibrant place to meet and discuss your personal issues with depression and what ever else you want to discuss!



  3. MM, I'm glad you are trying to give a way to have a support community!

  4. I always welcome another spot where I can read your posts!