Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome & Help with Navigating this Site

Help With Navigating This Site
·         When you wish to comment on a post, simply click on the word comment on the bar at the bottom of that post. This will open a box for you to type your comment. You can also see the other comments people have made, if any, above that box.

·         When you are done, you can Preview your comment to see how it will look upon clicking the, "Post Comment," button.

·         Below the comment box is a sign in feature. You can use any of your accounts listed to sign in which is required prior to commenting. You can also choose to be anonymous if you wish. Most of us have a Google account, or one the others.

·         Your comment will not always appear immediately because they will be moderated by the author to eliminate spam or any comments deemed as harmful to the site or members. Good manners will be key here, so that all members feel safe.

·         First, you DO NOT need to become a follower to this site to read and comment to any post. You can keep your anonymity, and if you choose to make a comment, you can choose to comment as anonymous. No I.D. is necessary to be a part of this community.

If you do wish to follow this site here is what to do:

·         On the right hand side, click on the "Follow," button. You will be presented with another box and a number of ways to sign in.

·         If you have none of these, or wish to create a new one, you can click on, "Don't have any of these?  Create a new Google Account" to create a sign in, and once you've signed in you will be able to make some changes to the settings and even post a picture of yourself, or anything like scenery, flowers, whatever you choose.

·         You will see either the generic profile appear on the right, under followers and your chosen name when you hover the mouse pointer over it.


If you use Google Reader, or any RSS news reader, you can subscribe to this blog feed at the very bottom of the page by clicking on, "Subscribe To Posts (Atom)" 

I will be posting more stay tuned! 

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