Sunday, June 3, 2012

With a little help from my friends...

Hello out there!

I thought I would include a music into my bloggy to get things rolling.  I have always liked the Joe Cocker version of With a Little Help from my Friends that we all know and love from the Wonder Years.  He looks like he is having a good time.  Joe Cocker is one of those performers who really didn't have a great voice but because of this fact...he did have a great voice...if that makes sense.  I always liked when he tears up to singing You are so Beautiful too.  The man has soul.

So a lot has happened during the past months.  I lost one of my inner organs. My dear gallbladder is gone.  I kept giving it chances but it just wouldn't let up on me.  You know how some people say or some doctors say...."Oh you can eat whatever you want afterward" or as my doctor told me..."If you want to climb a mountain the next day I can't stop you."  Uh huh.  Yeah.  Now let's talk reality.  Maybe I am a mutant but it has been weeks and I am still recovering and this was from the laparoscopic type of surgery.  I am one of those people who had complications and I am still not quite up to par.

 In my recovery mode I have finally had the chance to watch all those DVDs I have been collecting all these years but never watched.  I actually watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks...a childhood favorite of mine.  As I watched it I felt bad for my generation.  So many movies with endless song and dance numbers.  What is up with that?  I love telling my kids...why in my day we only had four channels if we were lucky and we had to get up to turn the channel.  So we kinda had to watch what was provided.  Loved this movie as a kid but now...not so much.   I have been spoiled with too many choices and superior animation. 

During these past weeks my eldest kitty died here at home.  It was absolutely heartbreaking.  We had her for 17 years.  As I have been told about older seemed to happen rather suddenly.  She was in good health and then in a matter of days she was not eating or drinking.  And then she went to the garage to be alone.  But I stayed with her.  You watch this sweet little animal take her last breaths and you wonder...where does she go? 

We ended up getting a new kitty after several weeks...a calico.  Very beautiful cat.  She is one of these cats who looks like she is perpetually smiling.  The thing I love about cats....and dogs is that no two are alike.  They all have their own distinct little personalities.  This one is an aggressive purr machine.  She is extremely affectionate which is what won me over to her.  She bonded with me in a big way.

Not sure who will read this but did want to catch up with you all.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Let me know what you guys have been up to if you can.

Merely Me


  1. Hey there Merely Me,

    Like any surgery, recovery differs with each person. We miss you. You will know when you are ready. Until then, enjoy the tapes.

    Take your time.

  2. Hi Merely Me,
    I have been worried about you. I messages you on HC but have not heard from you. you have been MIA since April. I wish that I knew how to get in touch with you privately. I hope all is well. my Bariatric Life

  3. Hey there

    You can reach me at

    Sorry to be out of touch with everyone. I have been very sick. Seeing another doctor tomorrow...we will see what happens.

    Thanks so much for thinking of me!